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I finally got my other account set up. Took long enough. XD



Thanks everyone!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Happy holidays everyone. <3

Santa brought me a Cannon xsi rebel cause I've apparently been a very good girl. XD

And he brought Sean the nice laptop he has been asking for. :o

Also I have amazing news: I'll be making an appearance at the E3 show in June. I've been wanting to go since like the 4th grade and last Thursday I got the invite of my childhood dreamsssss. Things really seem to be amazing from here on out. (Graduating in spring too~ oommmigoosshh Sean has a little over a year before he becomes  anesthesiologist.) Lets keep our fingers crossed about everything in the future. With school ending and a new job starting Ohayo-con and Acen will be our last cosplay cons. I don’t really have it in me to do much more cosplay, the idea that I would be cosplaying past my mid 20s scares me. Some people can pull it off, I just feel that with my career it is something I probably shouldn’t do~ :< Doing the Navy Seals workout is something I recomend BTW. Gets you in shape hella fast. Went from 131 to 125 in less than a month but, my measurments haven't really changed. ;.; 36-27-36 <-- I would be a happy girl if I could loose 3 extra inches & 2lbs from my wasit. Suppose I has-ta run more.(Burpies killll but I'd rather do those than run XD )

Last tid bit of info, this will probably be my last entry followed by an update. I’ll be moving to another account to focus more on my theatrical make art/photography/modeling. All of those are tied in cause I have to make the piece, put it on someone/something, and then take a picture of it….right? >_> Whatever, you get the picture, I’m just confusing mahself now.

Why can’t I continue using this account? Because it’s got memories from living with my brother, and old crappy artwork that I don’t want to look at anymore/but would feel bad if I deleted it.

Well anyways, I’ll update all my pictures with the new account name once I start adding stuff to it.
A huge thanks to every last person who commented and supported me. Twas fun. :D
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I was just hit on by Ed Asner. My life is now complete.

Update 10/19/09

Jeff Corwin came to visit. We hung out with him for a long while before the show.

....there was an Aligator...on a leash... attached to some stage weights.

I petted hims. :3 (I was made fun of by Paul 'cause I was the first to go up to it and ask it if it were cold XD)

And a giant toad. Like huge. Like size of FOOTBALL huge.

Jeff/Michael gave me some inspiration when he found out I was going into nature conservation police. So that was nice. I think his handler is/was one. It's gonna be a tough job. :/ (really dangerous. Of course this made Sean NOT happy)

I came down with the flu the day before the show, but it was okay cause I mostly was the "video and lighting" model so everyone could get their focus right. However, at the end of the show I was shivering and aching so badly, Sean got really freaked out. That night, SUCKED. I barely slept at all. Must have been worse for Sean though since he felt like he couldn't help me. =/ I'm still feeling crappy even though the show was on Saturday. Hope I didn't give Corwin da flus =o

We haz new boss. He came straight out'a cirque du soleil. Its amazing to have him as our new TD. Sean likes him, but rages over the fact that he flirts with me, and only me out of the other girls, even in front of him. (Ex: I have the habit of painting with no shoes on so he'll tickle my feet) I think it's Funny. Sean.... not so much. I dont mind at all though because it makes things less awkward. (for me at least. LOL ) and I see it as nothing but, being playful with people you feel comfortable around. He is changing everything for the better around the theatre though. Jebus, It would suck NOT to have him at that point. o0;

Up coming this month, I'll be doing another photoshoot. This will be the first time I've done a photoshoot where I get to design and help with ideas and how it runs. It's mostly going to be up to the guy in charge of it, but i'm excited I at least get to offer some ideas! XD I'll also be allowed to post some pictures on my deviantart too. (hopefully. I'm keeping my fingers crossed +++++ ) If I'm lucky, I'll be working with Angelo. He's very talented from what I've seen, so I'm sure he'll come out with some great stuff.

It's been a hella long time since I've had any free time to a computer for longer than 10 minuets to check facebook or write an email to a boss/teacher, so my updates have been brief =< . And this is only because my sleeping schedule is all messed up because the flu says i'm not allowed to sleep at night. ;-;

I am going to down a few Tylenol PMs now, because I need to feel better to actually get stuff done tomorrow. It's sad that my only vacation from work/school is when I'm vastly Ill. Oh hell I'll just sleep when I'm DEAD.

Happy Halloween guys. Hope everyone enjoys my favorite holiday!

P.S. Sean Jaster is an amazing man whom I love dearly. Just thought you should know that. =] <3 <3 <3


cosplays will probably go on hold for a very long time. I still plan on doing Reika, but i've kinda found myself in a rut. School's almost out.. (spring) Which mean's i'll probably get on the force (COS officer until i'm 21) And cosplay would seem...just kinda kiddish to still take as seriously as I did when I was younger and kinda silly about it. Plus, with having a real city job? It will just look goofy. Got'a grow up sometime. XD I'd rather have rent than a cosplay. Plus, the paranormal society for Chicago is consuming my life, and one passion is taking over another. <3 Ghosties~ Find me on /sanc :D
It was such a pain in the ass to get ready for but it was fun. :]

My favorite cosplay there was "heath ledger's final days" And it was a guy with joker makeup in a bath robe with a big tub of "sleeping pills" which were actually skittles.... that I got to plundarrhh.

I got to see my babies and Tedders. I hid Tedders under the Pyramid-head helmet when they were playing "man-hunt". Ash's helmet had been modified to where he could see where he was going through a camera so Tedders had fun with that. xD

Then our room's window was facing the courtyard where photoshoots were going on, so I took some peperoni and put it on a string and hung it from our window and it stayed there all day until the thread started going like crazy when we were chilling in the room. We caught a chubby narutard. LOL  That was so funny and Q almost peed laughing.

I was hit on by an older Indian man for the second time in a month while there too. He stopped me and said "Out of the group here, out of all the girls you are the most beautiful. My GOD you are so beautiful." Then he turned to Ash and went "You are attractive too. You hold onto her and make beautiful children." We walked away and Ash started cracking up and I just kinda felt EXTREMELY WEIRDED OUT. I have a feeling it had to do with my really long hair.... and rainbow stockings. :< Ash also got molested by a pedobear....which was hilarious....because he was pyramid head.

I got to hang out with MillionsKnives again which was really cool. I missed him from the first time we hung out at Reactor several years ago when I fed him rock candy. He gave us some really good building material advice and was super nice as always! :< I miss my convention buddies too much. Oh, we also hosted a panel for the first time on theatrical makeup!

Personally I don't have the attention span for Masquerades but, it was Ash's first chance to so I went with it. Ash was P-daddy. I was a revamped version of my nurse. Q was Valtiel, and Kristen was game Alessa. (Everyone looked so amazing). We won "biggest sword" and "Most epic group" cosplay awards. Then the judges awards came and we were all ready to leave and get dinner when they announced us as "Best in Show" Which completely threw me off guard. I wish I could have seen Ash's face.... eh must have been so in awe, more so than I. He deserved it though, he works his ASS off in his free time for cosplay. So we get us there, then this black guy in huge white glasses hops on stage and steals the micro phone and says  "I'ma let you finish, but, Beyonce had the best cosplay OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME!" then ran off giggling. I ALMOST DIED IN LAUGHTER. That was so EPIC and i'm so glad he did it and no one knew what was going on until after wards. Who ever that guy was, hes my new best friend.

On Sunday we hung out with Stripper Vash and volts for a bit and talked cosplay and they said they knew we were best in show even before the masquerade. XD Then they said that the guy who did the epic Siam cosplay said that Ash's pyramidhead was really good and that made us feel all melty because, we adore his skills so it meant a lot to us. (I think his cosplay name is "Dagauru" ? Its close but most likely wrong. XD Then we were invited to this rave he is hosting this friday so weee. :3

I may be changing my Deviantart's soon, just for cosplay purposes. I'll be making one after my gamer tag of "HellNaMiniskirt".

We'll have the smog and a butcher for ohayo-con. (Gosh damnit Ash is dragging me to another masquerade!)

See ya! <3
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Shoot was awesome.
Vacation was awesome.
Fiance is awesome.
Life is awesome.

Smog is coming along. Look out we come.
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So many things have happened recently.  
First thing I'd like to address is MJ's death. A Celebrity death hasn't hit me that hard since Heath ledger died. I feel like I lost something really important and I've always wanted to meet him and now I'll never get the chance. It is REALLY pathetic to see how he is getting the respect he always deserved AFTER he died. I always refused to believe the accusations of him being a pedo, and who ever thinks he was is an idiot. People will hurt ANYONE if it involves cold hard cash. I hope that bitch burns in hell, she ruined that man's life with her lies.

And Billy Mays died too. Wtf. But every year, celebrities die in a pair of 3. Always.  I'm sad that he has died too, but it wasn't nearly as devastating as learning that Michael died.  Maybe his death was over shadowed because MJ died a few days before him. UGH both right before and right after my 19th birthday.

Now for the good news. Sean Jaster proposed to me on my birthday, totally unexpectedly.  He took me to my favorite restaurant for lunch, then took me for a walk in the nature preserve. Before we left, he took me to this large hole in the ground with stones surrounding the base of it. Sean pulled me to his chest and held me really close which was a little weird for him to do out of nowhere, but I thought he was being uber nice because, it was my birthday. He explained to me that this was the foundation of a house that was year, like 100 years ago. They he started to tell me how he wanted his marriage to be like that foundation, to last forever even if the house, he and his wife, were gone. That his grandchildren would know how much they loved each other and he and his wife would be the rock on which their future family would be built. Sean brought me chin up so he could see my face, then said told me how much he loved me and he had a question to ask me. Shortly there-after, he dropped down to one knee and pulled out a little blue box and opened it.
"Will you marry me?"

My emotions proceeded to go WTFFFWEGFERWGERDGRDGFRDTB And I started to cry >_>. But I managed to squeak out a "Yes" before he slide the ring on my finger and lunged to pick me up and swing me around. Oh he'll deny it but he cried too, and we just stood there holding each other, telling one another how much we love the other for a few minuets.  My legs felt like pudding I was so emotional.

We walked back to the car, in a loony love daze and proceeded to go back to my house where he carried me up to my bedroom. We laid in my bed for like 2 hours, just enjoying each other's company.
So as of June 27th, I am the future Mrs. Sean Jaster.  No date set, since we will be damn sure to wait until after we graduate. Sean just wanted me to know how serious he was about being with me and how much he loved me.

The ring is white gold, with an antique design, with a heart in the middle and within the heart is a white diamond slightly raised. It's really beautiful.  We are going back to the JB Robinsons sometime next month so they can "check up" on the ring. (I guess to make sure the diamond isn't loose or something since it was a custom design.)  It's so beautiful, I'm really thankful.  I'll upload a picture or 2 of it when I get my new camera set up.
I'm waiting for July to roll around. I have a shoot that will pay for our vacation to Arizona and then some. Plus it would be Sean's first time ever doing a real photoshoot and getting paid for it, so I'm excited to see if he has it in him to do more with male modeling. He has the body, the face, and the will to do it but lacks the 2 inches he needs to do anything serious. Oh well, we'll see how his first time goes. :]


We will be holding off on it for the summer because of how busy we are with plans, and work, and vacation, but for Reactor we are hosting a panel and I plan to cosplay Reika Kuze from Fatal frame 3. I have the hair already, and we know enough about latex that I'll have bewbie covers made, since Reika is shirtless but has no nipps D: Why, I dunno. I was also thinking of cosplaying older Alma, but obviously not to a con. (shes naked) and We'll go to a construction site, or find a good photoshoot location and take some well set up pictures, my hair in front of mah bewbs and I'll be at an angle that won't allow crotch shots. XD Maybe I'll have my niece be "little red dress"  Alma, I'm not sure yet.
The boys are putting together A "Smog" from silent Hill 5 (PAIN IN THE EFFING ASS) I said oh hell no, You guys can put it together. (I know nothing about LED lights and that crap that they are doing) but I'm more than sure I'll end up getting stuck with painting the costume because I'm pretty good with latex paints and they are not so much… lol

I think our group officially only does scary cosplays… they are the most fun to do I guess. XD

Muwah <3
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Thank God.

Well, Things have been going very well and I am very happy with my life, quite a turn around from last year.

Acen past and its nice to take a break from cosplay. ._. That really consumed our lives for a while. The Smog is next, only Mike will be wearing that one. Latex, Lycra and LED lights, here we come!.

Grades came back and we did alright. My grades in college have been soooo much better than high-school, probably because I get to do things on my own terms. Sean may or may not be moving in with me by the end of summer, his Dad is really getting on his nerves. He wants Sean to break up with me, because, Sean is going into the Nursing program next semester and thinks he can't handle any "deep" relationships. Sean is kind of like "Hell no" about it which makes me feel bad, yet it lets me know he really loves me. <3

My summer started off with hot tubing on memorial day with Jere, Sean, Mike and Steph. It ended with Sean running bare ass into the swimming pool across the yard. I love my friends dearly.

Sean and I are arranging things with G4 after they contacted me, asking for an interview. Really, super thankyous to everyone out there who like our cosplays and who have been supportive of us. Couldn't have done it without your guy's advice and constructive criticism. We've been on over 80+ websites, we had to stop counting. I feel really honored and I'm aware I don't deserve it. D:

Some of the main ones are G4, Destructoid, All Top, Kotaku, Wii-news, Joystiq, gamepsy...ect. If you google search "Silent Hill nurse cosplay" we're everywhere. You can also look up "silent Hill Judith Stephen's" And get some stuff too. We're excited for our Anime-Reactor Panel as well. If anyone around IL is going to Reactor this year in the fall, be sure to stop by. :3 <3

One of our now new friends asked Sean and I if we could be involved in a project in June for him. Its a photoshoot of the creation story. (Adam and Eve.) He said we fit the part and it should pay for our trip to Arizona this year so we agreed and will be working it in. It is nice to actually do some small modeling jobs again, I really haven't been involved with modeling since my mom died in high-school. Life became too hectic and I never lived in the same place for long. So, I had to break contract with JRP (WHICH I STILL REGRET) And when things settled I tried out with JCB, but with school it was hard for me to get back down to Chicago after moving to Elgin. We will see where this photoshoot goes, maybe I can put myself back out there. Then again... Im happy where I am, and me being in the modeling angency makes Sean super nervous and I understand why but, if I'm happy with life now I don't want to have any loops thrown in. This is Sean's first ever modeling experience, he has the perfect facial structure, body, and will to do it but, he lacks the necessary height (6'1, he's is 5'10), and "attitude."  Sean can't become the "character", but, we'll let the photographer work with him.

We have been doing so well together, I truly love him and I feel so lucky I was blessed with such a hot, and loving boyfriend. Who knew I'd end up with a Jock? We were laying on the couch yesterday and he got kind of emotional and he asked " Can I keep you?....Can I keep you forever?" And he had tears on his cheek and it was romantic and sad. About 5 minuets later he explained he tried to propose in a way, but I didn't catch on and now I feel like a bitch. D: So he might do the down on the one knee thing soon so keep checking in and keep your fingers crossed. <3

UGhghuhguhgughgu life, I haz love fer you.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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You know I fucking hate you deviantart right now so telling me my entire post about Tony's wedding was forbidden Bastard. Now you get the short version!

Anyways, it was fun, and beautiful. I can't wait for them to get their pictures back from the photographer's because it was Sean and my first formal event and he looked like a prince in his tux. :3

The next formal thing we'll end up at is Randy and Ala's wedding. (my other older brother.) I wish Tony so much luck and love, they did that wedding totally perfectly. IT fit them so well. I walked down the isle with Paul, my mother's old boyfriend. He and my grandmother who I also haven't seen in a very long while seemed to hold up pretty well even though I'm the exact image of my mom. No one cried though, so that was a good thing.

The entire night, The brides maids were trying to get me toasted cause they are evil. Lol. I ended up staying at the hotel where the after reception party was at because my brother wanted Sean and I to stay, so he bought us a room for the night. (thanks tony!)

We stayed up and drank with them until like 3:30, then I had to help Sean down the hallway back to the room. Kind sized beds are oh so lovely~ When we got back we were tired so we cracked open the laptops and I discovered that Judy had sent me the links to the photoshoot she had done with us. They are so beautiful and I love her so much for making them awesome.

We were so excited for them, we had to upload them to our accounts asap. Lol. Our accounts are….

Doom-in-a-skort and AshGroovy.

We tried not using the same pictures in both of our accounts. :X We will edit them soon, but, not now 'cause I'm still recovering. xD  We have also been requested to host a cosplay panel at Reactor this year in the fall and have been asked to make an appearance at Kazuri-con. I was so excited, I mean of course they aren't huge cons but I never thought these costumes were going to get this popular. You all make me so proud. XD Sadly, I don't know if we can make it to Kazuri-con because it is around the time of our midterms at school in the fall and with Sean being in the RN program he cannot miss class like evaa.

My parents still have Wow as an internet provider so needless to say MY INTERNET SUCKS. I haven't been on in the last few days simple because it keeps cutting out every 5 seconds and it is almost impossible to upload anything. With school getting out, I don't know when I'll be online so I'll be slow with replies. :< No hate'ns, I'm sorries.

I'll me keeping tabs on my facebook with the bfs cell when I see him so hit me up there.

<3 Peace and Love.
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As usual. It was worse than ever this time, it felt like we were there only 1 night when we stayed 4 nights at the hyatt.

As you all may know, We cosplayed Silent Hill this time around, P-daddy and a nurse. We did the movie versions. It took about 8 months of planning and gathering of materials, then (just like Sean) we waited till the last 3 weeks to get shit done. We used lots of latex. xD Oh latex.......>_o

Sean didn't get to finish the metal part of P-daddy's back or make his metal neck thing, but we will have that done for next time.

The tips of my toes hurt after walking in those shoes all day, especially walking like a drunken zombie. Sean and I could barely see in out SH cosplays, but we have amazing friends who lead us around, preventing fangirl and drive by car catastrophes. Sean's boots killed his feets, they were like 12 pounds each and 15 inches high. He towered over me. The airbrushed shitted out on us on saturday, the day of the main shoots.Fuck the stupid thing, you know, buying the most expensive one was suppose to be a guarantee that it would work the best.  So we had to hand paint the color on our bodies which was a little disappointing because we both know the beauty an air-brush could do. We got 2 interviews and 4 private photoshoots. I still need to scan this one perfect picture that was taken by a photographer, while I was sitting in a chair. The color on my legs were running a bit, but thats because I wasn't expecting someone to come up and ask for a photoshoot that moment. Its still an awesome shot, though.

We worked together on our costumes, I'm just happy Sean has skills in construction. His helmet makes me very proud because we both know how exact it is. It just makes me happy to see him happy. That thing is his baby.

We are still looking for pictures, so if you have any please share? :D This week is the week of our finals and Tony is getting married this WEEKEND =_= So we need to stand up for THAT. Its just rough and we have no time to look for good pictures.

We made an agreement that when we bring them back to ACen for the complete costume runthrough we will only wear them one day. It is HARD work being in them all day long, it took us 45 minuets from our hotel room to the front desk to the escalators because there were so many pictures and we feel bad turning away people. (plus they get pissed at you because they think we're being rude.) So all this lead to us not doing much that day. xD  

I got to meet lord Zed's VA or whatever he is late sunday night when we were all going out. He is such a cute little old man, and I got a hug. My friend of course had no clue who he was, and flipped galactic shit when i'm like " Thats lord Zedd." Sean's face is always priceless when I point out voice actors or famous people. Not to mention the Japanese band "Move" collided with us in the dealer's room. D: < They walked out from behind a curtain while we were walking and bumped into us and im like " fashionable attractive Asians... thats rare at a con... UGH japanese guests. Thats move" And guess what?

I was right.

Well It will probably be a few months before I make a new journal, but I may edit this. Encourage Sean to update some of his artwork on his Deviantart AshGroovy.

(He gets a lill jealous that i post all the good stuff. )

Lol . Alright, keep whoop'n dat ass, seabass. <3
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Alright, so we spent a good 12 hours on cosplay last night. *yawn*

Sean's Pyramid-head is coming along FANTASTICALLY. Holy crap, he is almost done with the helmet and he put it on his head and I almost did a fangirl thing. >_> But i'm better than that.

We tried to do his smock the way they did it in the movie.... a weird assless chaps/skirt thing which is super weird. So hes up on a chair, leaning on Mike for support in his boxers as im pinning PVC cloth along the inside of his legs. We've got the basic idea but we don't know how to hide the seem in the front after curling the back part of the fabric around the inside..... we have to put big black stitching in the front anyways but Sean doesn't want to see the stitching from the inside. But i dont know if it could be done and we dont know if glue would fuck it up. Any suggestions?

I finished painting my nurse mask yesterday (minor touch ups will be added later since Sean and I only like working on cosplay together.) I think it looks pretty good though maybe it should have more of a gray tone.

Here is what it looked like before the paint when it was just latex...


Here is what it looks like now (sorry for bad pic, it was taken with a webcam and the image is reversed. )……

What chu think? I like it. ^^

I'm also in the middle of making Latex scars for Sean's body (like how I made my mask) I hope they turn out well.

We have to fix our airbrush tank before the con or we're not going to get the movie effect we want. raaawfff.

I'm rooming with :iconanimeamy: again this year and she will be selling her ponies. :3 they are always so cute. I personally think she and Mike are the best 'pony" people in the pony community, cause hell! They didn't win 1st in the country for nuthin XD <3

More later~
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2 Months until Acen!

I'm excited. <3

Sean and I have been together 6 months. Just... wow XD It seems so much longer for everyone.

This weekend we kind of celebrated our half year anniversary. He took me to the Reptile show and bought me a Sugar Glider. :3 Shes so cute, only 8 weeks old. We named her Pooka, because we got her around St. Patrick's day. She loves her daddy. I think it is because his voice is a lot deeper and his hands are bigger, so she feels more comfortable, knowing hes there.

She seems to think my cleavage is her secret hide away. And since she Crabs when she is woken up by someone she doesn't know, shes my boobie-trap. lol

Then to top off the weekend, Sean brought me to my absolute favorite restaurant, TLS. He is so sweet. I truly love him.

Yesterday was kinda weird though. I've been convinced to be taught how to play DnD. TJ is trying to teach me with a mini game about a zombie apocalypse next weds. He helped Sean an I create some characters. Sean rolled well I guess and is some super smart guy, who can make anything. His back story is that he worked for this huge secret technology company and he was so smart, he taught that the only thing important was his job...until he got fired. So, hes a virgin.

Here comes my character.  The high class stripper with 18 + 4 Charisma. And 15 + 2 Wisdom.  Shes little, but firey and very street smart. Shes dancing her way through college. Of course she will be hitting it off with Sean's character... but hes so dumb to anything sexual.

AHHH im such a nerd. >.<

Oh well. I've been dubbed queen of the nerds by Dan Duck, the head manager at the warhammer shop in Woodfield. Therefore, it must be true. XD
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I seem to only be updating every 6 months.. >_>; Oh well.

I know, I haven only been submitting cosplay pictures recently. James still has my tablet and I still have a MAC. So fuck getting anything photoshopped anything soon. I haven't really been into anime recently, therefore, dont really draw anymore. Sean tried convincing me to take an artclass with him at school but... eehhh.

So Ohayo-con was a blast. Went with :iconAnimeAmy and her boyfriend Mike.  My boyfriend, his friend from work mike Q  and I pulled together a left 4 dead cosplay like 4 days before the con.  They were simple enough. I was the witch, which had an amazing turn out. Couldn't walk 2 feet without being stopped for a photo. Sean made my claws and attached them with latex, then airbrushed them so it looked like they were really my hands. We scared a hell of a lot of people. Our pictures are everywhere now. People really loved us. We hope there will be more left 4 dead cosplayers at Acen. :] I hope to see more cosplayers at acen cause I had no one else to compare myself to. XD  It is kinda nice to know you have the best cosplay of something at a con, though I know a way to make it better before Acen. I cant wait to see how other people attempt the Witch though. :3 I'm so proud.

Well I'm going to school full time, working two jobs, and have a body training class to balance out now. x_x  I've chosen my major, Criminal Law. this is my second semester of college and it seems to be going rather well. My brothers and my friends are mad at me that I want to go into law enforcement. They want me to stick with Acting and Modeling. They want me to go down that path but i know how hard it is to make it big anywhere. Its nice to know I have their support though. I know from already working with a few agencies what it takes to be a top model. It is a lot of drugs and certain kinds of 'favors'. Sean really doesn't want me heading down that road. He would be too worried and I couldn't do that kinda stuff to get ahead knowing it would hurt him.

In 2 years I will be a Cop and he will be an RN. In 6 years Sean will be an anesthesiologist. And then I can retire and take care of our many sets of twins you know we'll have. XD My future is being handed to me on a silver platter... I can't wait to wake up next to him for the rest of my life. I can wait though... whats the point of growing up faster than you have to?

Well I shall wrap it up now. Im tired from work.

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You know that boy I was talking about in my last post?

:3 He mine nao.


Patience paid off.

Sean and I are now dating and I'm quite happy. :]

We are going to Ohayo-con with :iconanimeamy:  and  Mike, her boyfriend. I'm excited.

Sean's cosplaying pyramid head...and I have to choose like 2 costumes to wear cause i cant bring them all on a 6 hour car drive. ;.;


College continues to go well. I get to babysit Lilu, the ferret for like a week this month.

Ever since me and brandon broke up i now consider the ferret a child we must both take care of.

i miss herrrr..

So Seans going out to be a nurse and I'm going out to be a cop.


talk about role reversal.

Update ya later.

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I know, it's been forever since I've updated.

Summer came and past, and I am now in college.

Lemme tell you something... You truly have no control over your fate and how things will work.

All my friends from Joes are back in Chicago. All my friends from Burlington are smart and went to good schools. Obviously, with the exception of Viven.

I officially had it with Brandon. =/ Just.. not gonna work. Sorry, I'm going to need more then a pretty face to stay in THAT relationship.


Most of you who read this and don't comment know me enough to know How I am. I dream but I don't let it get out under me. I feel like I'm slowly wading into water, I won't be able to keep myself afloat. But no, it's not how one would expect that feeling to be... Its because my heart gets flooded every so often with puny thoughts of finally being "loved".

:/ Everyone at school wants to hump me.

D: < I want friends, not people who hit on me, being friendly only to attempt to get in my pants.

:[ Its hard to trust someone when it comes to that.

I've been at ECC for two weeks and I've been asked out 6 times. Not including ALL of the passes people play at me. I'm not use to this. D: <

I think I had one of those "Instant Friendships" Happen to me with this boy... But I don't wanna talk about him. I think me being lonely is making me weak in the knees for someone who is already quite in love and happy.  God how I respect that. :/ Needless to say, he's the only boy to make me feel like I'm smart and pretty in all honesty without the intention of sex. *Stab*

Lucky #&#^@!(!)@$% #&#&($!!!!!!

Then there is Kyle... Courtyard boy I happen to give my number to on a fluke.. he called me back. Wasn't suppose to happen! D:) He's cute, has 8 tattoos and rides a motorcycle. Yeah, pretty much every parents worst nightmare. Hes nice to me at least, very very respectful. Wasn't expecting that. But Sean doesn't like'em so... D: Blah.

He tastes like cigarettes anyways.

With everyone gone, and Brandon and I not visiting, I've been spend'n a hella lot of time with Sean.

Last night was the fucking shit.

I still haven't really slept from it, but we beat the crap out of each other with pillows, then beat the crap out of each other and computers on brawl, then beat the crap out of each other again with pillows and tickle fights.

Then he got arrested.

No seriously.

He got arrested.

But I saved him! :D Cause I iz R A ninja. Well when it's 5:30am and you haven't slept all night and you go to move your car you might just try and walk into the WRONG house. Those people in the WRONG HOUSE don't appreciate it and call the police.

"Bella, is he Drunk?"


"Or on any drugs?"

"...Uh. No. It's 5a.m.... the boy is tired."

Lol "Sir, is there anything in your pocket's you want to tell me about?"

He had condoms in thar.

But I SWEAR we stole them before we left school from t3h condom ladeh.

Then thats not the worst of it. Of course he wasn't going home after that... so him and I just went to sleep in my bed....

Step mom saw and extra pair of shoes....and investigated.


needless to say that didn't end well.

Still funny.

Update in another 5 months.

~*~*~*~* It's like meeting the man of you're dreams... then meeting his b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l- Wife.~*~*~*~*~

How am I suppose to compete..... with -that-?

Regardless. I'm happy I what I have.
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So I'm like passing out right now as I am typing this, so I'll come back and edit it tomorrow to give full details.

Yes, this year at Acen DIDNT suck. It was quite amazing actually.

My room mates were not only not creepy, but were totally awesome.

(far out)

Acen blew by so fast this year, it made me very very sad. :[

I fell asleep early every single night. XD I fail.

I think it might have been because when ever a phone alarm would go off in the morning, I'd wake up. Normal people fall back to sleep after that but... not me. So... when Deanna woke up, she wanted to play.

aka, everyone therefore, woke up.

XD i am so sorry guys.

Best things about Acen this year

-New friends
-personal professional photographer  (LOL)
-That drunk guy at Dennys
-Cosplaying Rei for the first time
-These badass ponies my room mates had.
-secret elevator
-YYH photoshoot

Annoy things about Acen

-13 people in my god damn room(unexpected but couldnt say no)
-Not hanging with Zack enough
-Travis being a retard
- The Acen staff having nothing better to do then scratch their asses and yell at you if you are not wearing your badge in the dealers room even though you showed them it to get in it in the first place. HELLO MORONS.  Serious cosplayers do NOT take pictures with their badges

More tomorrow x.x
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Should I get clothes on?



I love




My precious mini Alucard in the flesh. :3

Acen 2008 is coming up soon.

They still havent invited a lot of people.

Chris is haven't a fit that they didnt invite him yet.

He sent emails and everything and they didnt even respond.

Rude, right?

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As some of you may or may not know, I  recently changed schools.

Well I needed to fill in an extra class so I chose Ceramics.

I took Ceramics 2 last year in my old school, won artist of the month 3 months in a row because of my projects without ever taking Ceramics1.

Needless to say Im pretty good with clay and realized now that i'm once again in a ceramics class, I'm going to see if I can make side projects like I did last year.


I've already got one commission to create Alucard's guns, the Jackal and The Joshua for an alucard cosplayer.

Another to create Azula and Zuko's golden hair pieces they wear with their armor and once those are made the same person is paying for me to create Avatar Rouku's fire swirl hair piece which was handed down from fire prince to fire prince.

So...yay! Monies!

I usually end up making doubles of the commissions for myself because they are cools. >_>

So yeah, if you have a cosplayer you are wanting to do coming up and you can't create something just right...Ceramics! :D

So yeah, XD Comment me with something you'd like to see.
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Look in my gallery!

some new pics from Anime Reactor 2007.

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So yes, im once again in full blown cosplay mode. This year is going to be a dandy little Hellsing cosplay, which my group and I are quite proud of.

Well spending over a GRAND on 2 costumes better produce some wicked Effin cosplays.

For Reactor we'll be testing out Hellsing Alucard and Integra.

Getting in the groove for Ohayo-con & Acen.

For Acen there will be a suprize apperance from the DAWN Alucard and young walter. ;D

Lol this is my first cosplay as a girl. And Envy doesn't count. >_>

Totally go to Reactor...'cause the perfectionist couple is about to OWN Hellsing cosplay in general. :]



On a much...stranger note I have lyme disease. D:

And appearntly it's why i've been sick for so long and they are hope'n thy caught it in time. Seriously, my summer has been complete shit health wise. Th sun bothered me, heat bothered me, lights bothered me i was declared a medical insomiac, blah blah. And since i'm already allergic to silver, my fiance` AND my doctor have my calling me "a teenage vampire". And it makes me wanna attack them. ;.; It's not funnies.

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Yes, MINE.

If you love "ask a Ninja" Then you probably know one of his more famous questions "What is the circumference of a moose?"

That DEANNA who asked it, is yours truely. I posted that over a year ago when ask a ninja first came out.

I never knew it was so popular until yesterday. It's all over the internet.....look on google. It's number 3 on google's "Most random thing ever said." And yes if you knew me you wouldn't expect less comming out of my mouth.

Well here is the thing.

Guess who ripped me/the ninja off?


.keep thinking...

DISNEY. Those american animated bastards.  Last month on Disney on that stupid Zach and Cody show, they ripped me off!  I guess one of those boys sent home a post card to the mom saying he wasn't doing well in math camp but he learned what the circumference of a moose was.

BASTARDS. The Effing script is on google. UGh how DARE they? Sonny Strait told me to never say anything funny online again for there are plagerist's lurking behind every keyboard.

I'm soooo taking his advise and turning that saying into a T-shirt before that stupid molester mouse does. <-- fan site thing

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Disney has BETRAYED me.

First they turn BEAST into an ugly human cobchomper. and now...THIS?

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I'm really getting pissed off with a few of my exes lately. The one has been a whiney bitch ever since he found out that me and my fiance sleep in the same bed and can't get over himself, the other has been dateing this really nice new girl and 8 months into the relationship, he tells me he can't bare to be around me because he keeps getting feelings and crap. Both of them need to grow up and get over themselves.

I know they are both probably reading this right now because hey are that obsessive...but Eff'em.

If every Ex boyfriend were like T.c. life would be sooooo much easier. Thank god don't talk to the rest of them.

Beside a few stupid boys, thing are alright. >_> I started my seinor year at a brand new school, a publc school on top of that one. Nothing to fear but teh corn... o_o

YEah I live in corn now...went from a Chicago city girl to a country corn woman thing. I fear it.

That pale man from Pan's labyrinth scared the shit out of me. >_> Scares the shit out of golfishcrackers too. She won't accept the truth of it being under her bed.....buwahaha.

:D Loves all. <3 Mostly inlove with that boy. B]