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Pyramid Head cosplay progress by Doom-In-A-SKORT Pyramid Head cosplay progress by Doom-In-A-SKORT
Another preview for our Acen cosplay.

This is Sean and his pyramid head cosplay. He built the very basic base of the helmet monday, then him and I spend 4 hours stitching up the smock. Like the movie, Sean doesn't have the "Skirt" from the game pyramid-head, he has the correct smock where it wrapped around his legs and shows off the back of them.

I -STILL- have yet to see a pyramid-head cosplayer thats doing the movie version, make the smock the correct way. Its really hard so I understand why. >_>

We had to do a double linning of fabric. And so it between the fabric and GAH

We have to add a few inches on since with the special boots Sean is a little over 7 feet tall. We're 4 inches short of fabric on the bottom so we're adding some up to the top as we make the flap.

Tonight we're going to finish up the smock. (hopefully since we bought out Jo-anns fabric's stock of that pvc material on monday..)

:3 murr.

By the way, the belt will NOT be there. Its just helpignt o hold it up. XD
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AnonaT Featured By Owner May 16, 2009
yeah you two were beyond awesome in your silent hill cosplays. I absolutely freaked when i saw pyramid head,.. and then i walked in front of him to snap a picture and you were hiding on the other side of him. That certainly made my day to see the nurse costume. & especially done as well as you made it.

I have a SLIGHT obsession with the silent hill dead nurses. They're so rediculously scary & entirely awesome all at the same time!

I think the best part of your costumes were the theatrical techniques you used for the skin & costuming. Its so rare to see cosplayers around here that appreciate the intense detail that theatrics bring to a costume
Doom-In-A-SKORT Featured By Owner May 17, 2009
Thank you very much. We just came home from my brother's wedding, and now we have finals this week so it's nice to see more pictures.

We really love silent hill too. My boyfriend has a certain love for Pyramid head and is very handy so he cosplayed as him.

Him and I are more into Theatrical makeup in general then just cosplay, but we incorporate it. We are hosting a panel about it at Reactor. in the fall. ^^;

I failed to use talkam powder though, so my leg veins smeared. However if I used the powder, it wouldn't have come off. (IT TOOK DAYS) <3
RedRose460 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009
i love how serious you guys are about your cosplays. i went to an anime convention once but was too young to really get into it. all the ones you've done are so perfect!
sezaku-the-vampi Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
Yeah you're not allowed to sneak up behind me at all! :p
PrinceNuadaProject Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
Very nice!
The final cosplay will be great, I think. You did perfectly the smock, as you say it looks hard to make. It's a good base to work. And will you add affects on it, like blood and dirt?

I can't wait to see the final result! :boogie:
Doom-In-A-SKORT Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
Yes, we are air brushing the smock, his helmet, AND his body.

<3 We're trying our best!!!! <3
PrinceNuadaProject Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
Even the body :faint:
Good luck! :blowkiss:
Doom-In-A-SKORT Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
Yeah even the body. lol

Its going to be like 4 hours of at con prep time between the two of us getting ready.

PrinceNuadaProject Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
Whoaaah *___*
But do you prepare yourself at the con or at your home? *curious*

And I saw the latex mask you made for your nurse cosplay, same thing, it looks great I can't wait to see the result! ^^

Promise me you will do a lot of photos of you two! >///< :heart:
Doom-In-A-SKORT Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2009
We are preparing ourself at the con, airbrush and all. lol Its a lovely 3 to 4 hour makeup process.

We also need handlers because both costumes have very limited vision.

I promise many photos will be taken. :3

We haz be much friends nao, k?
PrinceNuadaProject Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2009
At the con, directly?! With airbrush and all!! :faint:
Hope you will have enough place! I ever did a cosplay in the biggest con in Europe (Japan Expo) but the dressing-room they give to the cosplayer was small =__='

What is the name of the con by the way? :3
Doom-In-A-SKORT Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2009
Yeah, we have our own little hotel room, and like the last convention we went to we will most likely have theatrical make up and paint everywhere.

This one is called ACen, or Anime-central.

Its not the best con, its slowly becoming more and more fail over the years which is very sad.
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